Electra-Star Power car Edit

Kind : Locomotive.
Max Speed : 300 km/h.
Available : 1993
Weight : 68t
Requieres : Extra Power car on the rear consist to Run and Overhead Wires.
Cargo : Only passenger coaches. (Electra-Star Passenger Carriage)
Inspired on the International train Class 373 "Eurostar" or most know on france like "TGV-TransMancheSuperTrain (TGV-TMST) on short. this train is specially designed for the british loading gauge to fit on any british tunnel and contain a 3rd rail shoe to supply on british railway lines than use it.

This High Speed Train is capable to run at max speed of 300km/h designed by Roger Tallon and Builded by Gec-Alsthom since 1993, is the most longer high speed train on Europe without multiple units coupled (18 carriages and 2 locomotives)