1. To route a vehicle, click on the vehicle (bus,truck,train,tram) after that click the two arrows going in different directions. Now click a stop or depot and find the stop or depot you want and click it this has now added the stop or depot to the list of things the vehicle has to do and the order you do it in is order the vehicle will do it in. The vehicle will auto collect what's there.
  2. If you want to make the vehicle wait for a full load click the button that will let the vehicle wait for a full load of any material or person you choose.
  3. to make a vehicle drop off it's load do the same things I section 2 but make shore you cheack it's said drop off ...(any cargo).
  4. if you want to move a command click the command and press the up or down arrow to move it where you want.
  5. if you want a vehicle to go a the way you want it to go you can click the road or track and the vehicle will pass though that waypoint.

that at was the basics of making a route